Agri Development:

Intensive sheep farming

Agri Development

Intensive Sheep Farming

With the harsh hot and dry conditions in the Northern Cape, intensive sheep farming brings a sustainable Agri solution.

1’000 ewes with a 150% lamb percentage generates sufficient cash to fund the Walk-throughs and LSA’s in the a Community ten months from implementation, thus an economically self-sustainable model.


The model works on the Feedgrow/ Hydroponics concept. Less than 20 hectares of land is needed to grow a herd generating R1.18m net cash profit every 8 months.


Enterprise Development

Chicken Pens

Enterprise Development:

Chicken Pens

The purpose of Enterprise Development is to get the Community economically active instead of passively depending on grants. We provide small-scale farmers with the necessary pens, chickens and food for the chickens on their own premises. This empower families to generate a sustainable income for their households.

  • 10 farmers each build the pen themselves to encourage a feeling of ownership and manage 10 chicken pens. This expands to 100 farmers in the community, each managing 10 chicken pens in the first year.
  • 300’000 free-range eggs will be produced per month.
  • In addition, 10 of these farmers act as mentors and generate an additional income for their households.

Walk-through Stands


Walk-through Stands


Walk-through stands are central points in the Community where children pass in the morning on their way to school/ close to their homes. At a walk-through-stand, the children receive a high protein shake enriched with vitamins and minerals.


Approximately 1’000 children each receives a high protein shake every day on their way to school, through 10 walk-through stands served by 20 Women from the community, managed by 1 Overseer and 1 Project Manager. The shakes are also provided on week-ends and holidays. The woman operating the walk-through stands work from their own homes, providing an income for their households where they get a volunteer fee from the Foundation for this service.

Leadership and Sports Academies


Leadership and Sport Academies (LSA’s)

by the community for the community

  • 10 LSA’s is established in a Community, each with 10 children served by 1 Mentor each and managed by 1 Overseer and 1 Project Manager.
  • 100 of the 1’000 children served in the Walk-throughs are put into an intensive accountability program. The most committed, those who achieve the set goals, will remain in the LSA, thus a principle of reward for hard work is established instead of the current hand-out culture. A LSA is operated from the house of a selected Hunger and Thirst Mentor. Children love playing soccer
  • The Mentors are mainly Youth, aged between 19 and 35. Every day after school, these children receive a meal, Mentors assist them with homework, they partake in physical training and sport development and they receive leadership skills training through targeted mentorship. They are equipped to be future Community leaders and role-models.
  • All mentors earns a volunteer fee from the Foundation and goes through a strict selection process. The ones selected are trained intensively before they become official mentors and then coached on a continual basis throughout the lifetime of the program.

Community Impact (per Community)

Number of beneficiaries Walk-through Stands LSA’s Total
Children 1’000 100 1’100
Youth and Adults 22 12 34